At Gray Matter Analytics, we empower customers in healthcare and financial services for optimum success by helping them gain insight into their own data as well as into private and public data in order to achieve 360-degree insight.

We provide a comprehensive data strategy and information architecture, enabling our customers to transform into a data-driven organization for competitive advantage.

Financial Services

big_data_expThe more you know, the more opportunities you have to attract new business.  New analytic capabilities can allow financial services organizations to use their data to develop proprietary insights into consumer trends, allowing them to break down the consumer market into smaller and more narrowly identified groups of people. New solutions can be generated in seconds, instead of weeks or months, giving an entirely new velocity to your go-to-market plans. Read more


health3If US healthcare organizations were to use their data creatively, effectively and consistently, the sector could drive efficiency and improve quality to create   exponential value every day.  Today, the right talent and technology are no longer sufficient for success. It’s essential you also structure how best to optimize the use of data, factoring in challenges related to privacy, security and intellectual property. Read more

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